This Wes Anderson inspired couples shoot is still one of my favorite sessions i’ve ever done. Jessi and Matt met me at the The Dive Motel in Nashville where we spent the evening playing inside and outside the space. This is definitely my favorite place to stay when I come to Nashville because it transports you into a cinematic dreamscape where the inspiration is endless. I’m so glad these two were down to make some magic with me.

Also can we talk about their style?! Jessi brought a suitcase of clothes and I pretty much just told her whatever you like i’m here for it and this is what she chose. Jessi is also a photographer, which made this that much more fun to shoot. They’re just the coolest ever.

Some words from the couple:

“We met at a skatepark in Louisville, Kentucky. I didn’t think he noticed me, but I was staring at him the whole time. I was with a friend of mine that worked for a coffee shop he managed, and he used that as an “in” to come talk to me. He said “Hi, I’m Matt.” And shook my hand. We had to leave, and I didn’t get any of his info, but he found me on her IG friends list, sent me a message, we went on a date the next night, and never stopped dating. I never believed in love at first sight until him. We’ve been together 4 years.”

From Jessi: “We love The Dive! Every chance I get to shoot there as a photographer, I swoon. So it was amazing to be the model this time. The Dive fits our vintage loving style and personality so well, which made it super easy to feel comfy in front of the camera.

I have two major favorite things about Matt—his sense of humor and his ability to see the positive in all situations. I can be having the worst day, and he somehow always manages to have me cry laughing through it. The other is his dedication to learning everything about something he’s interested in. Whether it’s skateboarding, music, art, WWE wrestling (hahaha) he deep dives and learns so much about the topic. I can listen to him talk about what he’s learned for days.”

From Matt: “Jessi is understanding, sweet as pie, a work horse, creative, have almost the same sense of humor, adapted to my strange sleep schedule, and never really judge me. Idk I’m not good at these things lol. Picking one thing would be a slap in the face to the other things I love about her. How could I pick just one?”

BRB crying forever.

Also a big thank you to Junebug Weddings for featuring an image from this set in their 2022 Best of the Best engagement photo collection! A true honor from one of my favorite publications.

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April 13, 2022