What I'm About

It is with full confidence that I can say that the more comfortable you feel with me, the better your photos will be. My job isn't about just taking pretty photos, but getting to know you on a deep level so that the photos can represent who you are in this moment. I care about your story and I want to document it in a way that is authentic. I want to capture every tear, laugh, squeeze, and smile. I genuinely want to establish a friendship with you first and foremost.

About me

While photography is my full time job, there are plenty of other things I love to do as well. Some of my favorite things include traveling, hiking, earring making, and hanging out with friends over coffee. I love live music and my favorite bands are Paramore and The 1975. I love the sound of rain and fall is my favorite season. If you’re into the enneagram, I’m a type 4 wing 5, which basically means I lead with my emotions and a hint of logic. I love thrifting for home decor and could spend hours looking at interior design magazines. My dad is from Long Island, New York so I grew up visiting at least 2-3 times a year. It’s still my favorite place and even though I prefer mountains, Long Island has the best beaches. I’m incredibly spontaneous and am pretty much always down to do anything. Last and most importantly, I believe with my whole heart that dogs are the best thing on the planet.